DragonVale Game Currency Guide

dragonvale currency guide

In every online game, you have to use the specific currency to purchase some items necessary for the game. In the case of Dragon Vale, the mode of currency is chiefly the DragonCash.

You can use your DragonCash to buy anything beginning from the treats, decorations, islands, to even the building and the Dragons.

The things of particular importance as per the needs of the games that you can buy using Dragon Cash are here in the following list.

  • Purchase new habitats.
  • Buy some primary dragons at the beginners’ level.
  • Find and buy the original hibernation caves for the pet ones.
  • Get the new islands to enlarge your owned sanctuary area.
  • Purchase the boosts.
  • Get the decorations that you can use to adorn the path leading to the sanctuary. It will please the visitors al lot.
  • Participate in the quests.
  • Purchase the treats to feed your pet dragons.

You will get an attractive offer to earn incentive Dragon cash when you spend a considerable amount to buy the currency at one go. You can use your real money at the virtual market of the game.

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Earn your Dragon Cash

You have to keep on adding the dragons to the habitat. Once it gets full, you will start to earn the currency. The icon depicts a filled treasure box. It will appear only when you have got a habitat with a one-third area covered by the dragons.

The icon will show an overflowing box if your habitat population increases to reach a level of 80%. Tap on the icon and collect your Cash. You can also plan to sell the unwanted or extra dragons of a particular type.

  • Go for racing in the Dragon Track to earn some Cash.
  • Finish the event at the Colosseum.
  • Visit dragonvalecheats.club and generate free coins and cash.
  • Complete the goals and collect the Cash.

Go and tap on the party hats showing up on the parks of your friends to get more Cash.

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