Coinjock - CNJCNCXA
Updated: 07:57PM EST 05/13/2004
Operating Company:Sprint Mid-Atlantic
Former Operating Company: Carolina Telephone & Telegraph (United Telephone)
Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Operating Company Number:0470
Office Name:Coinjock
Location:N. Old 158 & Coinjock Baptist Ch Rd.
Coinjock, Currituck Co., NC
Colocated Carrier(s): KMC Telecom III, Inc. - NC (2540)
Alltel Mobile Communications, Inc. - NC (6300)
jpeg thumbnail image of Sprint Coinjock CO

A Sprint microwave tower is one block north of the office and is used to connect Coinjock to the Carolla Beach CO. KMC and Alltel have moved their points of interconnect from this office to Kill Devil Hills #1. The records are left here for historical purposes. At one time the 455 exchange was assigned to Sprint's switch but disappeared from NANPA records for a period of time only to show up under a different CLLI code. It is assumed the POI terminates at the Coinjock office since that is where it originally terminated. Also many cellular POIs end up being dummy addresses for nearby cell sites and there is an Alltel tower two blocks northeast of the CO.

CarrierSwitch CLLISwitch TypeArea CodeExchange(s)
SprintCNJCNCXA453Nortel DMS RSC252453, 457

Remote Terminal(s)
AddressCLLIRemote Name
61x Shortcut Rd.?Ponderosa
81x Poplar Branch Rd.?Walnut Island
106 Albacore St.CNJCNCAAOcean Sands