Updated: 12:32PM EST 01/05/2005
Operating Company:Verizon South, Inc. - NC
Former Operating Company: GTE South, Inc. - NC
Continental Telephone System (CONTEL)
Operating Company Number:0509
Office Name:Knotts Is-RLM
Location:S. End Rd.
Knotts Island, Currituck Co., NC
Colocated Carrier(s):
jpeg thumbnail image of GTE Knotts Island CO

Knotts Is. along with a brief portion of NC 99 are the only non-Sprint Local (ex Carolina Telephone & Telegraph) telephone service in the vast 252 NPA. This is probably due to Knotts Island being more of a peninsula than a true island. GTE fiber optic markers run up and down Marsh Causeway (through Mackay Island, as wild life preserve) which connects Knotts Island with Virginia Beach in an area that was once Princess Anne County. This area was originally served by Continental Telephone System (CONTEL) who more than likely just ran some cable (now fiber) from the Pungo central office. While the office is controled by CONTEL of North Carolina it is part of the Norfolk LATA and maintained by Virginia based GTE technicians.

Due to the intermitten and small population of the Island the central office did not require a large amount of space, especially with the deployment of digital switching equipment. As such this tiny brick hut is situated between Bessie La. and the local fire station A minor aside, the fire station used to be part of the Virginia Beach VFD system but Currituck County has now taken more assertive control over the governmental operations on the "Island". There is now a satelitte sheriffs office which was not present back in 12/2001 (at least I don't remember it being there back then) further diluting the islands connection to Virginia Beach.

Despite the offices size, even it has a remote that services a trailer park right at the state line. Even this remote has been expanded in the almost three years between visits. Again the operational motive is never ever under any circumstance to build a new CO, instead add remotes!

CarrierSwitch CLLISwitch TypeArea CodeExchange(s)

Remote Terminal(s)
AddressCLLIRemote Name
Orchard La. & Marsh CausewayKNISNCABSandy Point