Updated: 11:57AM EST 02/18/2005
Operating Company:
Former Operating Company: Carolina Telephone & Telegraph (United Telephone)
Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Operating Company Number:0470
Office Name:Waves
Location:25644 S. Hwy. 12
Waves, Dare Co., NC
Colocated Carrier(s):
jpeg thumbnail image of Sprint Waves CO

The tower infront of the office is owned by Sprint Local and is used by Alltel who's equipment shares the office with Sprint's switch. Thanks to Joe Stevens for filling in my the details on this offices history and the original role of the tower out front.

It seems that this distinctive office with its foundation of stilts came into being after a hurricane in 1963 destoryed the exiting open-wire connection between the Elizabeth City tandem office and the outer banks villages. The tower it seems was part of a microwave link between Manteo and the Buxton CO. This was part of a longer microwave route that provided the Buxton CO with connectivity back to the Elizabeth City CO. This route has been converted to fiber optics now for the sake of stability and capacity as the original Lenkurt 74 run across the Pamlico Sound suffered from frequent signal degradation.

CarrierSwitch CLLISwitch TypeArea CodeExchange(s)
SprintWAVSNCXA987Nortel DMS RSC252987